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Title: Take On Me
Author: [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com]
Rating: PG-13
[livejournal.com profile] fic_variations Prompt/Claim: Bleed SPN/Burn Notice; Bela Talbot/Michael Westen (#1)
Words: 504
Spoilers: Minor for their first story, Heat.
Disclaimer: Not my characters, not trying to step on toes, just having fun.
Warnings: n/a
Author's Notes: Follows previous storyline. Ask me where to read it if you want to do so.

Michael Westen was not a fan of surprises. They were something he had to live with, something he couldn't avoid, but he really didn't like them. Unless he was the one issuing the surprise. So when he was sitting home after a long day, with a cup of blueberry yogurt, he wasn't exactly happy to hear a knock on his door. Logic had it that if it were Sam, Fiona, or his mother - they'd barge in. Not knock.

His eyes shot towards the door and he set his yogurt cup down. Pulling himself to his feet he snatched his gun from the side table and held it to his thigh. Mike moved to the door and cleared his head for a moment before slowly opening it and peeking out. Into the eyes of the last person he ever expected, or wanted, to see again.

“Hello, Michael,” she said warmly with a big smile.

His head tilted to the side as he pulled the door open a bit more. “Hello, Bela,” he said coldly. “Goodbye, Bela.” He slammed the door shut in her face and turned to walk away. She knocked again. “Thought I told you to go to hell?” He shouted over his shoulder. The door opened and she welcomed herself in, closing the door behind herself.

Her arms crossed over her chest as she chuckled. “I hardly thought you meant it.”

“I meant it.” He turned around to face her with a set jaw.

“I'd rather not if that's alright with you.” She stepped forward. “Didn't miss me?”

“Miss you? The last time I saw you I got shot. You lied to me, made me run a job for you...and you shot me.”

“I shoot everyone, Michael. Don't take it personally.”

His eyes darkened and he stepped forward. “What do you want?”

“I was passing through Miami and thought I'd stop to see an old friend, is there a problem with that?”

“Big problem. We're not friends.” He took hold of her arm and moved to the door to pull it open.

“But you like kissing me, yeah? Doesn't that allow me a small chat?”

His fingers tightened on her arm and he started to push her out the door. “Wrong. I liked kissing Sarah. Sarah doesn't exist.”

“Fine. Let's talk money, then. I paid you well last time. I can pay you better this time.” Michael paused and loosened his grip on her. She glanced up into his eyes with a smirk, knowing she had him. She shook her arm slightly until he let go and she took a step towards him. “Want to let me back in?”

He stepped closer too and leaned down. “You come in, we talk,” he said thickly. “God help me, if you screw me over, I will have no problem hurting you.”

“Let's save the kinky sex talk for later,” Bela said simply, walking past him and through the door. His fist tightened at his side before he followed, slamming the door shut behind himself.

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