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Fic Variations Amnesty
Welcome to fv_amnesty: the sister community to fic_variations.

Purpose: Have you ever made a claim at fic_variations and because of lack of inspiration, real life responsibilities or whatever other reason been unable to finish that claim? Or have you written a fic and decided that you'd really want to explore it more but weren't able to because of time constraints? Or have you been inspired by one of the prompts at fic_variations but you didn't think that you'd be able to write the required number of fics or drabbles for that prompt on one claim? Then fv_amnesty is the place for you.

01. We accept the following submissions: fic that was written for an expired claim (i.e. you claimed something but did not write it within the month), fic that has been expanded or continues a story that you posted over at fic_variations or fic that was inspired by one of the monthly prompts.
02. The rules at fic_variations apply over here as well. This means that we do not accept RPF/RPS and all fic must be labeled with the appropriate ratings and warnings.
03. When posting, please use the following header:

04. Everything but your header must go under a lj-cut.
05. Members can post using a lj-cut, but please do not post a friends-only journal.
06. If you have any other questions, please refer to the FAQ post.

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